In the Restaurant Fuente Higuera we pride ourselves by giving home coocked food with the finest ingredients. When coocking with the finest ingredients and, as one of our coocks says, with love, everything comes out well.

The base of the food in the Sierra is the wood fire gilled meat, which we pride ourselves on provinding of the highest quality.

Aside from the basics of the area, we offer other intersting choices, like our famous Caprice Tomato, Egg Homage or the Grilled Vegetables. We have choices for all palates, even the most demanding.

Come and see for yourself!

Asador Manchego Fuente Higuera was given the price as the BEST PRESENTATION tapa from the area 2014 given by "Tapeando por la Sierra del Segura".

This is our tapa, the price winner:

Tomates rellenos