Our Restaurant

In the Asador Manchego Fuente Higuera, as well known as Restaurant Fuente Higuera, we offer typical home-cooked meals of the area, and other delicatessen that our magnificent cooks, mother and daughter, prepare with much love and care.

Like any family restaurant, we offer a friendly atmosphere in a unique place for its natural beauty.

We invite you to come and learn about our envirnment, a unique village where bread is baked yet as our ancestors did and where tranquility reigns.

The Sierra of Segura

The Sierra of Segura is famous for its beauty and appearance and in the gastronomic sense for its segureño lamb, unique in the world. It is easy to see the shepherds in the mountains while their lambs eat the best possible grass. This combination gives a special flavour to our wood fire grilled lamb, typical of the area.

An undiscovered paradise.

The Sierra of Segura is un undiscovered land that keeps intact its past, a mixture of the different people that inhabited it. Culture defined by civilizations that left their legacy revealed through cave paintings, Roman bridges, walls, castles and fortresses, churches, stone houses emblazoned still preserved architecture, whose value has earned recognition in some cases as a World Heritage of the Humanity, of Artistic and Hostoric interest and of World Cultural Interest.